Fishing for Spotted Trout in Key West

Spotted Sea Trout Fishing in Key West

Spotted Sea Trout fishing in Key West provides fun for all ages. These fish are dark grey or green with blue tinges shading to white and silvery below round black spots. Since the net ban the trout have made an incredible comeback in the Florida Keys.


What is the best time for spotted sea trout fishing in Key West? Back country in the Keys have some excellent trout fishing during the winter months through spring. The trout prefer 65-77 degree water temperature.

Where to Catch Them

The Keys Backcountry from Flamingo to Key West has an abundance of trout. Guides will drift through the sea grass basins and blind casting until you find the schools which are usually in the sea grass beds.

How/ Techniques to Catch Them

Key West Fishing Charters use small jigs or top water plugs will work well. Trout will be mixed in with the Mullet. Mullet mud up the bottom when feeding and can help locate the fish. Once the fish are located the guide will anchor or stake out and work the area staying in the fish.

Equipment Used to catch them

The ideal outfit for spotted sea trout fishing in Key West is a 7 foot fast action rod with 10 pound braided line loaded reel and short piece of 15 pound fluorocarbon leader. The fly rod should be a 7 wt. with 20 pound backing, and a 12 pound fluorocarbon leader. The tan and white minnow imitation works great.